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1 Modeling of pulse wave propagation and reflection along human aorta Kizilova, N., Solovyova, H., Mizerski, J. Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 2019 0
2 Experimental study of the power characteristics influence on the hydraulic efficiency Andrenko, P., Grechka, I., Khovanskyy, S., Svynarenko, M. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
3 Preface Andrianov, I.V., Gendelman, O.V., Manevich, A.I., Mikhlin, Y.V. Advanced Structured Materials 2019 0
4 Model of thermal state of the system of application of coolant in grinding machine Stepanov, M., Ivanova, L., Litovchenko, P., Ivanova, M., Basova, Y. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
5 Choice of the optimal parameters of the ultra-fine grained cooper machining Symonova, A., Havin, V., Savelov, D. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
6 Computer simulation of the processes of mixing in multilayer nitride coatings with nanometer period Sobol, O., Meylekhov, A., Postelnyk, A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
7 Normal modes of chaotic vibrations and transient normal modes in nonlinear systems Mikhlin, Y.V., Plaksiy, K.Y., Shmatko, T.V., Rudneva, G.V. Advanced Structured Materials 2019 0
8 Computer modeling application for predicting of the passing of the high-speed milling machining hardened steel Permyakov, A., Dobrotvorskiy, S., Dobrovolska, L., Basova, Y., Ivanova, M. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
9 Methods for calculating the grain boundary adsorption capacity of nanostructured copper based condensates Zhadko, M., Sobol, O., Zelenskaya, G., Zubkov, A. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
10 The use of waveguides with internal dissectors in the process of regeneration of industrial adsorbents by means of the energy of ultrahigh-frequency radiation Dobrotvorskiy, S., Dobrovolska, L., Aleksenko, B., Basova, Y. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
11 Investigation of the process of saturation of the filter liquid of soda production with ammonia and carbon dioxide in the production of ammonium chloride Pitak, I., Shaporev, V., Pitak, O., Hrubnik, A., Moiseev, V. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
12 Simulation and design of welded plate heat exchangers with channels of different corrugation height Khavin, G. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering 2019 0
13 Improving efficienty of image recognition process: Approach and case study Svyrydov, A., Kuchuk, H., Tsiapa, O. Proceedings of 2018 IEEE 9th International Conference on Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies, DESSERT 2018 2018 0
14 Trinity on thin ice: Integrating three perspectives on the European Union's likelihood of achieving energy and climate targets Biresselioglu, M.E., Demir, M.H., Turan, U. Energy Research and Social Science 2018 0
15 Structure, optical, electrical and thermoelectric properties of solution-processed Li-doped NiO films grown by SILAR Klochko, N.P., Klepikova, K.S., Zhadan, D.O., Petrushenko, S.I., Kopach, V.R., Khrypunov, G.S., Lyubov, V.M., Dukarov, S.V., Nikitin, V.O., Maslak, M.O., Zakovorotniy, A.Y., Khrypunova, A.L. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 2018 0
16 Computer Simulation of Discrete Human-Machine Interaction for Providing Reliability and Cybersecurity of Critical Systems Lavrov, E.A., Volosiuk, A.A., Pasko, N.B., Gonchar, V.P., Kozhevnikov, G.K. Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference Ergo-2018: Human Factors in Complex Technical Systems and Environments, Ergo 2018 2018 0
17 Structure of biocompatible nanocoatings obtained by physical vapor deposition on flexible polyurethane for medical applications Taran, A.V., Garkusha, I.E., Taran, V.S., Pyvovar, N.V., Muratov, R.M., Leonovych, A.V., Nikolaychuk, G.P., Baturin, A.A. Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research 2018 0
18 Strengthening method for thin-walled knives with multi-layer nanocoatings and quality assessment by non-destructive method Skoblo, T.S., Romaniuk, S.P., Sidashenko, A.I., Garkusha, I.E., Taran, V.S., Taran, A.V., Pilgui, N.N. Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research 2018 0
19 Semitransparent p-CuI and n-ZnO thin films prepared by low temperature solution growth for thermoelectric conversion of near-infrared solar light Klochko, N.P., Klepikova, K.S., Kopach, V.R., Tyukhov, I.I., Zhadan, D.O., Khrypunov, G.S., Petrushenko, S.I., Dukarov, S.V., Lyubov, V.M., Kirichenko, M.V., Khrypunova, A.L. Solar Energy 2018 0
20 Numerical simulation of missile warhead operation Martynenko, G., Chernobryvko, M., Avramov, K., Martynenko, V., Tonkonozhenko, A., Kozharin, V., Klymenko, D. Advances in Engineering Software 2018 0
21 Backward-Diode Heterostructure Based on a Zinc-Oxide Nanoarray Formed by Pulsed Electrodeposition and a Cooper-Iodide Film Grown by the SILAR Method Klochko, N.P., Kopach, V.R., Khrypunov, G.S., Korsun, V.E., Lyubov, V.M., Zhadan, D.O., Otchenashko, A.N., Kirichenko, M.V., Khrypunov, M.G. Semiconductors 2018 0
22 Growth of needle-shaped crystals in amorphous films of Cr2O3and V2O3under electron-beam irradiation Bagmut, A.G. Journal of Advanced Microscopy Research 2018 0
23 Single-electron second-order correlation function G(2) at nonzero temperatures Moskalets, M. Physical Review B 2018 0
24 Process integration of crude oil distillation with technological and economic restrictions Ulyev, L., Vasiliev, M., Boldyryev, S. Journal of Environmental Management 2018 1
25 The effect of low titanium content on the phase composition, structure, and mechanical properties of magnetron sputtered WB2-TiB2films Sobol, O.V., Dub, S.N., Pogrebnjak, A.D., Mygushchenko, R.P., Postelnyk, A.A., Zvyagolsky, A.V., Tolmachova, G.N. Thin Solid Films 2018 1

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